MARIO Creepypasta Explained! is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Creepy Gaming. It was originally uploaded on August 24th, 2013.


Find out the TRUTH behind the MARIO Creepypasta! xMulletMiKEx decides to investigate this strange story and finds that truth may be stranger than fiction. As he searches for the author of this infamous tale, xMulletMiKEx explains what makes Mario so creepy. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy! #KeepItSticky #StayCreepy


A member of SMW Central named Adam downloads an odd ROM hack of Super Mario World simply titled "MARIO" late one night. The game was attached with a document with the words "find me" repeated over and over amongst unreadable text. Playing the game, Adam noticed that the level names and textboxes read things that suggested Mario was the villain in the game rather than the hero. He also noticed there were no enemies in the game as well. After defeating the first level boss, Iggy, there was a graphic message that read like an autopsy, talking about the removal of the victim's eyes. Eventually, Adam reaches a point in the game where it goes blank and is no longer playable. Adam deduces that the game is a descent into a Hell of Mario's own making designed to look like Yoshi's Island. Another user remembered the text document, revealed to be a JPEG image and after tweaking around a bit with it, found an image that seemed to match up with the victim's description from Iggy's Castle. 

Mike reaches out to Adam on YouTube to get details behind the pasta. Adam claims that the experience and playing the hack are legit but that other versions of the story that describe paranormal things happening with his computer are fake. He says that he met the creator of the ROM hack, who is a normal guy. 


Creepy Gaming - MARIO Creepypasta Explained!

Creepy Gaming - MARIO Creepypasta Explained!