Description Edit


Richnificent, AKA Richard (At times called "Rich"), is TheStickyPaddle's Resident Streamer on TwitchTV and Youtube's Live Stream feature. Self Proclaimed "Mister LiveStream" and Drunken Master of gaming.

Plot Edit

During Season 4 - Episode 12, Richnificent steals Mullet Mike's Creepy Gaming Champion Belt[1], and is confronted about this in Creepy Gaming - Season 5 [OFFICIAL TRAILER], in which he is readying up for a live stream where Mike comes in and shows Rich who's the owner of the Creepy Gaming belt! (By throwing him into a TV)

Video Edit

Creepy Gaming - Season 5 -OFFICIAL TRAILER-02:57

Creepy Gaming - Season 5 -OFFICIAL TRAILER-

Trivia Edit

Rich's ripped shirt

During the filming of Creepy Gaming - Season 5 -OFFICIAL TRAILER- Rich got injured and his back was slashed mildly by a piece of the TV screen as shown by the image where his T-Shirt is torn.

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